Elderly Flu Symptoms

As we get older our immune systems get weaker and we can be more prone to catching a cold. In England, the NHS offers a free annual flu jab for over 65’s because it can be a very serious illness for older people. Here is some information on how stay warm and well this winter! … Read more


Growing up one thing we have to digest is that our loved ones are not getting any younger, and no matter the changes they may make in lifestyle choices, after a certain age they are more susceptible to health risks. The older they get they may become affected with heart diseases, memory loss, joint pain … Read more


Hot weather is dangerous, and seniors are particularly prone to its threat. Elderly heat stroke and heat exhaustion are a real problem. In fact, a recent in America (University of Chicago Medical Centre) found that 40% of heat-related fatalities in the U.S. were among people over 65. There are several reasons for elderly heat vulnerability. … Read more

How to Choose a Home Care Agency?

Choosing a home care agency for your loved ones can be a difficult and sensitive experience. For some, this can be a straightforward process but for many, the process can be distressing and disagreement often initiated by a sudden event. One thing can be said, finding the right carer for family members and loved ones … Read more


Are you planning to make your home more comfortable or just preparing for the future? Either way, it is not as daunting as it sounds. We have compiled some tips below which will help make your home safe and limit the hazards. The first step to achieve a comfortable home is to determine what you … Read more

What to do after receiving Parkinson’s Diagnosis?

The diagnosis If you or your loved one has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, you may have unusually felt an unexpected feeling of relief While relief is the last thing one would think a Parkinson’s diagnosis would garner, the relief can be attributed to the long and arduous process of actually reaching a correct … Read more

When should palliative care be offered?

End-of-life (palliative) care should be offered to your loved ones when there is a life-limiting condition or chronic illness and they require intense treatment to both ease the pain and manage the condition. This form of care can begin at any point of your or your loved one’s diagnosis and will occasionally result in end-of-life … Read more