How to Choose a Home Care Agency?

Choosing a home care agency for your loved ones can be a difficult and sensitive experience. For some, this can be a straightforward process but for many, the process can be distressing and disagreement often initiated by a sudden event. One thing can be said, finding the right carer for family members and loved ones can make all the difference to their quality of life. So, how do you choose a home care agency?

When choosing a care agency, look for the following traits in the staff: kindness, patience, passion and good communication skills. These create a well rounded carer who is likely to provide a high quality level of care to your loved one. There are also questions you can ask to determine their experience and qualifications.

Read on to find out more about how you can find the right home care provider for your loved one.

What to Look For in a Care Agency?

Finding the right carer comes down to creating a good match with the person being cared for. Their traits, personality and character all play a factor in pairing people together. Of course, there will be a substantial amount of time spent in one another’s company and this is no easy feat. Considering the following skills and traits are a great place to start:

Well Natured

Kindness and friendliness are a must have trait when it comes to at home carers. Some clients who require care may become confused or frustrated at times, so a friendly, calm carer can make all the difference. Patience is another big asset as individuals who require care can need extra time to complete daily tasks or communicate.


The role of a home carer is to ensure clients are comfortable and safe while they complete their daily tasks. A great carer will be passionate about providing a high quality service that goes above and beyond to improve their quality of life. When you are considering which care agency to choose, make sure that the carers’ passion shines through with everything they do.


When you are trying to find a carer, don’t just ask them questions about their role, try to get them to open up about any hobbies that they have. This should give you a good indication of how communicative they are. They should be able to hold a conversation with your loved one during the day to combat loneliness and talk them through any daily tasks. Any problems that occur while a carer is looking after your loved one should be reported professionally and efficiently. 

What Questions Should You Ask a Home Care Agency?

A carer will become an important person in your loved one’s life, so it is important to invest time in getting to know one another. For your relationship and partnership to flourish on a deeper level, here are some ideas for conversations and activities. A good place to start is with the following questions:

  • What is your experience as a carer? What makes you qualified to carry out the job?  – Ensuring that your loved one is going to be under the best care possible, you can ask for qualifications and how long they have been with a care provider for.
  • Why did you become a carer? – An example of a good response would be related to being passionate about improving the quality of life for their clients. If the carer shows no interest in their role, they are likely not going to provide a quality service.
  • Have you cared for someone in a similar situation before? – This can be ideal for certain health conditions or injuries as the carer will have experience in the specific type of care required. 
  • What tasks and responsibilities are you comfortable with carrying out? These might be medical care, personal care, cleaning and driving. Setting these expectations from the start can help you create a tailored care plan for your loved one. 
  • What are the most rewarding things about your job? Tell me about the most rewarding experience you have had? – A good carer will show passion for their role. 
  • What are your interests and what do you like to do for fun? – This question can help to break down barriers and start a good relationship with the carer. It may also provide opportunities for daily activities.

What Type of Care and Support Do You Need?

Identifying the type and level of care your loved one needs is an important step in choosing the right carer. The types of tasks that your loved one may need help with can range from cooking and cleaning to attending appointments and shopping. A great carer will make sure that the majority of tasks are completed by the client to maintain as much independence as possible. 

There are also different types of care available for different needs including:

Hire a Home Carer at Rivendell Care

Finding the right carer and getting to know one another takes time and patience. Rivendell Care is a care agency based in Barnet, London, operating UK wide. We help find loved ones the right carer, matching people based on professional and personal criteria. People and care are at the heart of our business, we take away the burden of dealing with the legalities involved in personally finding a carer and employing someone. For more information call Rivendell Care or contact us via the contact form.