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We offer nationwide service to ensure that wherever you are, you can get the help you need. As part of this, we operate top quality home care in Finchley. Here our team of trained, accredited and professional Rivendell Care Agency workers can aid in your recovery process of an injury to more long term care if needed.

Every single person is different and will require different types and levels of care. Rivendell recognises this and has trained staff who have the ability to provide these different levels of care. When preparing a quotation, we take everyday activities and more into consideration to ensure you have the correct quote for your specific level of requirements. We want to provide the best care and support so that you are happy and comfortable with arrangements.

Our homecare in Finchley service is set up to cater for those who are wanting to remain at home and continue their independent lifestyle but do need a little help here and there. When we meet with you, we would like to just have a chat about what you expect out of receiving this kind of home care. We want to know your worries and questions – so do not hesitate to let us know! After the chat, a detailed care plan will be created with your input to ensure you are completely happy and comfortable with the plan. Our home care in Finchley service covers four main areas; personal care, housekeeping, dietary care and companionship.

Personal care mainly revolves around personal hygiene and upkeep. We understand that different circumstances may result in you not being able to complete everyday tasks with ease. This is why we are here to help. We can aid in continence management, medication assistance and rehabilitation and enablement programmes which would be overseen by a health and social care professional.  Rivendell also is aware how an untidy and unclean home can effect a person’s health, this is why we offer a housekeeping service. For example, we can clean floors, change the bed and assist with correspondence.

Having a balanced diet is key to improve your wellbeing and overall health. Our professional carers, who provide home care in Finchley, can create a meal plan with your input to help achieve a balanced and nutritious diet. We can also help implement this plan by doing your weekly shop with you and preparing the meals. At Rivendell, we believe that no client should ever feel alone. This is why we offer more than just a staff to client relationship, we offer companionship. Our staff love to partake in weekly hobbies, arrange Skype calls with friends and family plus arrange activities such as going to the cinema.

If you are interested in home care in Finchley then please feel free to contact us! If you have access to a computer then you can email us at info@rivendellcare.co.uk or if you would like to speak to one of our friendly staff members then please call 0208 434 7380.

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