Mental health care at home

Our Mental Health Care Service

At Rivendell Care and Support, we are committed to implementing the best possible mental health care service available. We offer a comprehensive home assessment to allow our team to fully understand the needs and requirements of our clients, book today by getting in touch:

We provide a full care audit for those dealing with mental health issues and introduce systems to give our clients the best possible care at home. Rivendell Care formulates cost effective mental health care packages with earnest and due diligence. We understand you must find that connection with your mental health care worker to have full use of our service, that’s why we place our matching experience at the heart of our business.


Our Personalised Mental Health Care Plan

Living with a mental health condition can be challenging for both the sufferer, and their friends and family. Rivendell Care offers consistent, steady and reliable care in-home for those suffering from mental health conditions. We provide clients with peace of mind, our priority is and always will be client happiness and well-being.


Healthy eating has multiple benefits for your mental health. Research shows there’s a link between what we eat and how we feel. Processed food and foods with high sugar can increase inflammation throughout the body and brain, which may contribute towards your mood. We encourage a well balanced diet to help as one of the ways to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Medication administration is complex and must be thorough as each medication has its own diversities. The medication itself, the dose, time, documentation and response are what we must take into consideration to supervise medication administration and we are dedicated in doing so.


There are many types of challenges people face with mental health conditions. Maintaining mental health comes with its own challenges, but also other parts of life which people would see as an everyday task, those suffering with their mental health wouldn’t see it this way. As an example, a person with depression may find it incredibly difficult to get out of bed in the morning, brush their teeth, or leave the house. Some mental health issues can lead people to do compulsive things which puts them in danger. Our team helps with the different ways mental health can make everyday life a challenge. 

We deliver what we like to call person-centred mental health care in London and surrounding areas. Where possible we will involve both service users, their families and support networks in the planning and delivery of their treatment. When it is not convenient for family and friends to be involved in the care we offer support in connecting them through modern technology.

Our services

Why Choose Our Mental Health Care Service?

Rivendell offers support for those with psychological health issues, our home care services enable clients to recover or manage their condition in an environment that is familiar.


Our expert team are the most passionate and confident carers and are fully trained in mental health care, as well as all other services we provide.


Our management team bases their quality of care on their own experience with their loved one’s care teams, ensuring our clients receive the best possible mental health care service.


We cover many areas across London, so we are able to aid many different families with our top quality home care services.


Rivendell provides a complementary care mobile app that provides you with real-time updates on your loved one’s care.


Our passion for making a difference in our client’s lives shows when we infuse care into even the most mundane tasks.


Here at Rivendell Care and Support, we provide specialist treatment for mental health conditions in and around London. We understand that working towards recovery can be a difficult process and can be a long journey for many. Our team of care workers have a wealth of experience and skills that support our clients right the way through to recovery.

If you want to find out more about Rivendell Care you can contact a member of our team on 02084347380 or at alternatively, you can request a brochure.

Mental Health Care at Home FAQs

What is Mental Health Care at Home?

Mental health care at home involves a carer supporting a person with a mental condition in their daily activities. This can include medication reminders and administration support, providing and implementing a nutritional plan and helping complete daily activities.

How Can A Mental Health Carer Help?

A mental health carer can support recovery by building relationships with their clients. They can provide the emotional and physical support, patience and encouragement that an individual needs to complete their daily activities.