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We provide expert dementia care in London, with affordable options that don’t compromise on the quality of our care. Book a home care assessment today to find out more about our services.

Our Personalised Dementia Care Plan

At Rivendell, our care service includes a personalised dementia care plan so that your loved one’s remain as comfortable as possible while receiving our high quality care. 


How We Help

At Rivendell, our care service includes a personalised dementia care plan so that your loved one’s remain as comfortable as possible while receiving our high quality care.  This plan includes:


Our dementia care plans include a tailored daily routine that suits the needs of individuals. This gives each person a sense of security in the form of familiarity. Maintaining a daily routine is essential in achieving greater peace and self-control in our patients. It is also helpful when different situations arise such as appointments as having the routine in place can make patients calmer.


We include normal daily activities into our plans to combat memory loss caused by Dementia. We include these activities in our daily routines to spend more time making sure our patients feel comfortable. To avoid rushing patients, our schedule offers flexibility so no additional stress is created.


Sometimes distraction can be an excellent way to occupy a senior’s mind and push their thoughts aside about the things that are upsetting them. On the other hand, distraction can make our seniors nervous. We will turn off the TV, radio, and other things to minimise distraction while our clients are trying to complete daily tasks. 


We know it is important to involve the client in daily activities and encourage movement even if it is a short walk. This will allow clients to exercise their memory and skills, which will surely bring satisfaction.


Our team embraces technology by providing a complimentary mobile app. It keeps you up to date with your loved ones’ care with updates for completed care visits, real-time care notes so you can check the quality of care and 24/7 communication with our team.

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Why Choose Our Dementia Care In London?

When you choose Rivendell Care for dementia care in London, you receive only the highest quality care for your loved ones. Here are a few more reasons to choose us:


Our expert team of confident and passionate carers are fully trained in each service we provide, meaning your loved one’s will see a friendly and familiar face every day. 


Rivendell Care has aided many different families across London with our dementia care service.


As part of our dementia care, we provide a complementary care mobile app that provides real-time updates on your loved one’s care. 


We have a passion for making an impact on our clients’ lives, which is why we inject care into everything we do, even the mundane tasks.


Our care style is based on our management team’s own experience of carers for their loved ones, meaning our clients receive the highest quality possible.


Rivendell Care understands the importance of providing dementia care where clients feel most comfortable, in their own home. This is why we have created our personalised dementia care plans that take into consideration their environment and anything that could distract our clients from completing their important daily activities. Find out more about our service by booking a home care assessment today.

Dementia Care In London FAQs

What Does Dementia Care at Home Involve?

Dementia care at home involves a carer providing help with daily routine and tasks around the home. A common struggle for people with Dementia is becoming easily distracted by stimulus. Carers can reduce these distractions to help clients focus on completing important activities.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is used to describe symptoms such as memory loss, difficulties with thinking, problem solving and communication. Dementia can have a severe impact on someone’s daily life. If your loved one is suffering from Dementia then it could be worthwhile to consider a suitable care plan to provide them with the support and care they require.

Can a Person with Dementia Live Alone?

When someone is diagnosed with dementia, it doesn’t automatically mean they are unable to live alone. Some people may be able to live on their own for a long period of time after being diagnosed with dementia. However, other people may be too vulnerable to live independently. Live-in dementia care can be suitable if your loved one is still capable of living at home and completing daily household tasks.

Is Dementia Care at Home Better than a Care Home?

An impulsive move away from home should always be avoided as this may feel like a loss of freedom for people with dementia. Your loved one’s living situation should be frequently monitored to ensure the correct measures are in place as the disease develops. Having the additional help of an at home carer can take away some of the pressure of providing care for your loved one.