Parkinson’s Disease Home Care

At Rivendell Care and Support, we pride ourselves on delivering expert Parkinson’s disease home care in London for various needs. As well as Parkinson’s disease, we also care for those with Alzheimer’s disease, Injury care and disability care. Our affordable yet tailored options can be significantly lower than other providers and care homes without compromising on quality. Book a home care assessment to find out more.

Rivendell recognises that a disease such as Parkinson’s does not define you and our personalised care with each person reflects that.

We look at each person as a unique individual with a rich history of experiences, abilities, skills, knowledge, preferences, desires and personality. Through our care assessment, we can find out information so that we are able to match carers to service users by matching up personalities, interests or cultural requirements.

Need an extra set of hands? Get in contact via telephone, email or through our online forms. We will respond to you within 24 hours and can provide detailed information on our Parkinson’s disease at-home service.


Our Personalised Parkinson’s Disease Home Care Plans

Our personalised plans are the ideal way to ensure your loved ones receive only the highest quality care for their individual needs. These plans include:

Establishing a Daily Routine

Introducing a daily routine that still allows for flexibility when appointments or unexpected events occur gives people with Parkinson’s security through familiarity. This can greatly impact their daily lives, helping them achieve greater self-control and independence.

Establishing a Daily Routine

We introduce activities into our daily routines that ensure our clients feel comfortable within their own homes, simultaneously building long lasting relationships with their care workers. Stressful situations are reduced as much as possible by ensuring that our activities and schedules offer flexibility and don’t rush clients. 

Reducing Distractions

Although distractions are sometimes healthy for focusing client’s minds on subjects other than their condition, they can often be detrimental to completing daily tasks. If we notice a client has a noisy environment, we will accommodate by turning off the radio, TV and other things so they can focus on what’s important. 

Engaging Clients

Our care team understands the importance of keeping fit and healthy, which is why we actively encourage our clients to engage in physical activity such as a short walk outside of the house. 

Complimentary Care Mobile App

Rivendell Care embraces technology into our plans by providing a complementary care app. This can be used by our client’s families to stay up to date with the care being offered including notes, updates and the overall quality of care. 24/7 communication with our team is also available via the app. 

Our services

Why Choose Our Parkinson’s Disease Home Care Service?

Here’s what makes our services special:


Our team consists of only the most passionate and confident carers, fully trained to provide the highest quality care.


Rivendell Care is a family owned business that bases the quality of care on their own positive experiences with care teams.


We cover many areas across London, meaning we can aid many different families with our top quality home care services.


Our complimentary care mobile app provides real-time updates on your loved one’s care. 


We have a passion for making a difference in our client’s lives that shows when we inject care into even the most mundane tasks. 

Enquire About Our Parkinson’s Disease Home Care

At Rivendell Care, we are passionate about providing the best quality care for your loved ones. This starts with a home care assessment to determine the best possible personalised care plan, tailored to the individual’s needs. Call us on 020 8434 7380 to talk to us, we can then book a care assessment.

Parkinson’s Disease Home Care FAQs

What is Parkinson’s Disease Home Care?

Parkinson’s disease home care provides a carer for individuals with Parkinson’s. The carers can create a personalised care plan that suits the individual’s lifestyle and helps them complete daily tasks such as eating a nutritious diet, cleaning and receiving daily engagement. Where people require medication, carers can help to remind and administer this daily as part of their care plan.

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological condition that affects one in every 500 people. This is around 127,000 people in the UK alone and is more prevalent with elderly people. Parkinson’s disease occurs due to a loss of nerve cells in the brain that produce the chemical dopamine, a neurotransmitter that communicates information throughout our brain and body. Specialists do not know the reason why these brain cells die but there is extensive amounts of research and investment put into understanding the illness.

Can Parkinson’s be Cured?

Unfortunately, Parkinson’s disease cannot be cured, however, there are a range of treatments available. Through the use of medicine, such as Levodopa, the symptoms of Parkinson’s can be managed. There are also therapies available like physiotherapy and occupational therapy to help ease the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Surgery is another treatment where doctors perform DBS. This is where electrodes are implanted into specific parts of the brain to administer electrical pulses that stimulate the brain to help overcome the tremors and slow movements.