About Our Elderly Care Service

Thinking about arranging care for yourself, an elderly relative or friend? When every day tasks start to get more challenging it might be time to consider setting up care. Our elder care agency offers support in London & Hertfordshire, and Barnet, enabling our service users to live happy, independent lives in the comfort of their own homes. Book an assessment to find out more.

We want to make your life easier as well as add a little sparkle to your day. Each member of our team at our elder care agency thinks of themselves as more than carers, but companions. They love to take part in hobbies in or out of the house and arrange social visits. So, whether you want to do some light exercise or go for a walk – just ask! They are there to help you in any way you need from setting up Skype calls with family and friends to arranging doctors’ appointments.


Our Elderly Care Plans

Our elder care agency offers only the best, personalised plans for our clients, here’s what they have to offer:


We understand some of the challenges of maturing, energy and mobility can make it difficult to shower and bathe without assistance. Our home carers are trained to promote dignity when providing personal care. We can help with showering, bathing, bed baths, hair washing and changing continence pads. Our home care services cover anything you or your loved one may need.


We can prompt our clients to take medication, which is recorded in their care folder. If for example, a service user felt unwell at a certain time of the day, this could be matched up with the medication sheet to see if there is an adverse reaction to medication. It is also possible to monitor sleep, mood, continence and more. We always go the extra mile for our valued clients. 


In our elder care agency, we can help with cooking, cleaning, ironing and dusting. When conducting the care assessment we can work with you to create a nutritious and delicious menu that caters to dietary requirements. Our home carers can cook or can assist and help our clients with meals without just taking over and doing things in their way, they can help give back independence and deliver “your care, your way”.


One of the most important parts of our elder care plans is our complimentary mobile app that updates friends or family members on the care you are receiving. This includes completed care visits, real-time care notes so you can check the quality of care and 24/7 communication with our team. 

Our services

Why Choose Our Elder Care Agency?

Here’s what makes our elder care agency ideal for home care services:


Every member of our care team is fully trained on every aspect of their role and are passionate individuals who genuinely care about our clients.


The quality of our care is based on our staff’s own experiences with care teams, ensuring all our clients receive the best service available.


We cover many areas across London, meaning we are able to aid many different families with our top quality care services.


Our complimentary care mobile app provides real-time updates on your loved one’s care, ensuring you stay up to date.


We are passionate about making a difference in our client’s lives, which is why we inject care into even the most mundane tasks.


Rivendell care is devoted to enhancing both the mental and physical wellbeing of our clients. At our elder care agency, we provide care that revolves around the requirements of the service user, offering a personalised service around your needs. We have a highly skilled group of office staff who are friendly and on hand to help, so book an assessment to start the process:

Elderly Care Agency FAQs

What is Elderly Care at Home?

Elderly care at home helps make completing daily tasks as easy as possible for elderly individuals. This provides an opportunity for companionship and making sure clients get out of the house without unnecessary stress.

What Does an Elderly Care Plan Include?

A care plan written for someone requiring care at home will contain unique information tailored to the individual receiving the care. Information about the person’s likes, dislikes, routine (and how they like tasks done), medical history, personal history, etc. This acts as a guide for the carers and ensures the care is delivered in the best way possible for the recipient.

What is the Difference Between Elderly Care at Home and in a Care Home?

Support at home can help individuals feel more comfortable as they are in familiar surroundings and familiar routines. In some cases, moving an elderly family member into a care home can be distressing as they are outside of their comfort zone and will have to give up pets and follow meal times set by the care home.