Our Alzheimer’s Care Service

At Rivendell, we pride ourselves on delivering expert in-home Alzheimer’s Care at an affordable price without compromising on quality. Book a home care assessment today to find out more about our services.

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurologic disorder. The brain shrinks and brain cells die. Memory and thinking abilities are slowly being destroyed. All of this affects a person’s ability to function independently. 

Memory loss and problems with daily activities can lead to frustration and even anger in a person with Alzheimer’s disease, which can turn into aggression. All of this affects our loved ones as well as those around them. It is very important to reduce this frustration. 


Our Personalised Alzheimer’s Care Plan

When you choose Rivendell for Alzheimer’s care, we create a personalised home care plan which includes:


We introduce a daily routine to give people with Alzheimer’s a sense of security in the form of familiarity. This helps to achieve greater peace and self-control in our patients. It is also helpful in situations that deviate from this routine (e.g. family visit, doctor’s office visit), when the patient is calmer daily, and can bear such situations more easily.


Due to memory loss caused by Alzheimer’s, some activities are more difficult and may take longer than they are used to. We include these activities in our daily routines to spend more time making sure our patients feel comfortable. To avoid rushing patients, our schedule offers flexibility so no additional stress is created. 


Sometimes distraction can be an excellent way to occupy a senior’s mind and push their thoughts aside about the things that are upsetting them. On the other hand, distraction can make our seniors nervous. We will turn off the TV, radio, and other things to minimise distraction while our clients are trying to complete daily tasks. 


We know it is important to involve the client in daily activities and encourage movement even if it is a short walk. This will allow clients to exercise their memory and skills, which will surely bring satisfaction.


Our team embraces technology by providing a complimentary mobile app. It keeps you up to date with your loved ones’ care with updates for completed care visits, real-time care notes so you can check the quality of care and 24/7 communication with our team. 

Our services

Why Choose Our Alzheimer’s Care Service?

Find out what makes Rivendell Care’s Alzheimer’s care service special:


We employ only the most passionate and confident carers and fully train them in each service we provide.


Our management team bases their quality of care on their own experience with their loved one’s care teams, ensuring our clients receive the best possible service.


Covering many areas across London, we are able to aid many different families with our top quality home care services.


Rivendell provides a complementary care mobile app that provides real-time updates on your loved one’s care.


Our passion for making a difference in our client’s lives shows when we inject care into even the most mundane tasks.


Rivendell recognises that a disease or disability does not define people, which is why we treat each client as an individual with our personalised care plans. Through our care assessment, we are able to find out information so that we are able to match carers to service users through matching up personalities, interests or cultural requirements. Book a home care assessment to find out more.

Alzheimer’s Care FAQs

What is Alzheimer’s Care at Home?

As Alzheimer’s is closely associated with memory loss, some tasks may take longer than normal. Carers can provide a safe and comfortable environment which allows your loved ones to complete their daily activities. They can also complete housekeeping duties and help the person stay active with short walks or engaging conversations.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease describes a progressive neurologic disorder where brain cells die due to shrinkage. Affected individuals have reduced ability to function independently and often require help completing daily tasks.

Is Alzheimer’s Care at Home Better than a Care Home?

An abrupt move to a care home could be very distressing to someone with Alzheimer’s. This is because they are no longer in familiar surroundings with people they recognise. Confusion can lead to aggression in unfamiliar situations. Receiving care in the comfort of their own home is more comfortable.