Growing up one thing we have to digest is that our loved ones are not getting any younger, and no matter the changes they may make in lifestyle choices, after a certain age they are more susceptible to health risks. The older they get they may become affected with heart diseases, memory loss, joint pain and more. Hiring an expert carer in northwest London is the perfect way to keep your mind and the mind of your loved one at ease, and to ensure that they are being monitored.


As people get older, naturally their bones become weaker and brittle. This leads to multiple different problems such as joint pain, stiffness and swelling around the bone joints and restricts movement. All of these are signs of arthritis. It is estimated that eight million people around the UK suffer from authorised that is caused by old age. It is seen as being one of the most common health risks faced by seniors and unfortunately, there is no cure. However, medicine and light physical activity can help reduce some of the resulting pain. A trained carer can help a senior and work with them to fight the arthritis


One of the leading causes of death amongst seniors in the whole world is heart disease. As your age increases so do health risks such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which can increase the chances of a stroke or heart disease. This is why it is imperative that seniors pay attention to their health, and ensure that they eat a healthy, balanced diet. And engage with light exercise, all of this should be covered with their caregiver


Type 2 diabetes is a more common problem that affects a lot of people above the age of 40. There is only one way to identify diabetes and this is to check your blood sugar levels regularly. As you get older, you need to make lifestyle and health charges to reduce the chance of getting diabetes. Professional carers will be able to help seniors who live with diabetes, providing them with insulin injections as well as knowing what to eat etc.


Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological condition that deeply affects a person’s mental state. It damages their cognitive, behavioural and social skills, Elderly living with this condition need constant care and trainers carers that can supervise them. There are many possible dangers when it comes to the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s. They are a threat to themselves and the people around them. Hiring a professionally trained carer that can look after and supervise your loved one will put your mind and your loved one’s mind at ease.


This may seem small compared to the other health risks, but fall-related accidents are the biggest cause of injuries and pain amongst the elderly. A minor fall can lead to serious accidents such as slipped disc problems, head injuries and hip bone fractures. The number of hazards and obstacles in a home can be endless, we should ensure that when it comes to homes of the elderly, there should be no slippery floors, loose carpets etc.

The human body and mind over time will become weak, and this gives a doorway to different health and mental issues that can deteriorate someone quickly if not looked at and treated straight away.

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