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What does a care worker do?

Care workers or home carers work with people who have difficulties with every day activities. You may be helping children, people with physical or learning disabilities, and older people or families. Tasks can include:

spending time getting to know clients and understanding their wishes and needs
looking after clients, helping them wash, use the toilet, dress and eat
completing housework such as cleaning, washing clothes and shopping
helping other family members to get used to new caring responsibilities
working with other health and social care professionals to provide individual care and development plans
helping to run leisure activities
What do I need to do to become a care worker?
You can start this role as a trainee without formal qualifications, though some previous voluntary work in a care setting would be advantageous. A level 1 or 2 qualification in health and social care may offer an advantage with some employers. As an alternative, it may be possible to enter this job role through an apprenticeship.


How to become a Care Worker

Are you a people person? Are you at your happiest when looking after others? If you’re a caring person, and you really want to make a difference to someone’s life, then becoming a Care Worker could be the perfect career move for you.

The main role of a Care Worker is to provide support to a person in need of care, improving their lives by attending to their specific needs, and assisting them with their daily tasks.

Care Workers may find themselves working with children, the elderly, and people with disabilities or learning difficulties. However, key duties will usually include:

Working with clients, their families and other professionals to identify their particular needs, and develop a care plan
Providing personal care to clients depending on these needs (assisting them with washing/feeding/dressing etc.)
Aiding a client with other every day or physical tasks, such as shopping, cooking or studying
Providing emotional support to clients and their families
Keeping the client comfortable and at ease at all times

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