Home Care vs Care Home - Rivendell Homecare & Support

Apart from the loss of home comforts and familiar surroundings, here are some aspects which will need to be taken in to consideration when moving to a residential home:

  • all belongings will generally need to fit in one room
  • there is a loss of privacy
  • you are bound by visiting hours
  • pets are usually not allowed
  • the process of moving can be disruptive and confusing
  • Residents are looked after by a number of staff and don’t get to build up that rapport with the person responsible for providing their care

The benefits of staying in your own home are obvious such as:

  • You get to stay in your own home
  • The value of your home isn’t taken into account when calculating how much you have to pay towards your care
  • You’ll stay close to what’s familiar to you
  • You retain full control over the care and support you receive
  • Consistency of care from one carer/small team of named carers


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