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As part of our nationwide service, we provide home care in Woodside Park to ensure that you get the help you need wherever you are. We are proud of our well-trained, accredited and professional Rivendell Care Agency workers who will be there for you throughout your recovery or more ongoing long-term care.

Everyone is different and this is something that we wanted our staff to know as well. Every situation and person is different and should be treated with the appropriate level of care. All of our staff are very adaptable and can cater to these differences no matter how big or small your requirements are. When preparing a quotation, we like to know everything about your everyday activities and more. We want to create a personalised quote that will help you get the care and support that you need.

For those wanting to stay in the comfort of their own home and maintain more independent living, our home care services in Woodside Park may be the best option. Here you will have a member of staff come and visit you to help with your everyday activities. When we meet to discuss your options, we will have a simple chat about what you would like help with and what you would like to gain out of having a dedicated carer. We will then create a care plan customised to your needs which may cover areas such as personal care, housekeeping, dietary care and companionship.

The personal aspect of the plan is dedicated to your personal hygiene. We know how important it is to be fresh and clean, however, we understand how it can be harder to maintain your personal care after a minor injury or a more long term condition. This is where we come in. We will help with administering medication, continence management and you will receive help with rehabilitation and enablement programmes as prescribed by a health and social care professionals. Another aspect of care we like to focus on is housekeeping. We know how important this is for our clients and their families. Keeping a home clean and tidy not only removes potential hazards but can also improve your mood. Our housekeeping service consists of dusting, cleaning floors and support with correspondence plus much more.

We really care about the well-being of our clients and we know that it is important to have a balanced diet. As part of our plan, we like to create a meal plan to help you gain the vitamins you need to maintain or improve your health. Our trained carers will sit down with you to create this plan and make sure you are completely comfortable with all the meals. And we don’t stop there. We will assist you on your weekly shop and we can also assist with feeding if required – we love to go further for our clients. Our staff love their jobs and love to do more. That is why we offer companionship. We never want our clients to feel alone, that is why our carers like to partake in hobbies with you either within or out of your home, arrange events such as cinema outings and much more.

If you are interested in home care services in Woodside Park then please feel free to contact us! If you have access to a computer then you can email us at info@rivendellcare.co.uk or if you would like to speak to one of our friendly staff members then please call 0208 434 7380.

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