About Our Golders Green Care Service

Rivendell’s Finchley Central based home care agency offers home care and live-in care assistants throughout Golders Green and Temple Fortune. Our staff are well trained, accredited and love the job they do.

Our services

The Benefits Of Rivendell Care


Receiving care within your own home avoids the additional stress associated with changing environments. It maintains familiar surroundings and allows you to stay close to family and friends while still receiving the high quality of care required.


A person who needs help feels much better in their own home. Such a person does not have to change their habits, and most importantly, they do not have to leave their loved ones.


You or your loved one feel safe in your own home while receiving professional home care that will ensure safety when other family members are away from home.


Professional home care, tailored to the needs and health requirements of the person under care. Our carers are qualified and experienced people in the field of home care, as well as in the field of age-related or other conditions.


Each of us is different, we have our habits, lifestyle, different interests or needs. This is why our home care is individually tailored to you. We take into account the preferences of the person under our care, as well as their health condition, or indications for an appropriate diet or activity recommended by doctors. Depending on the needs, home care can last several hours a week, several days a week or even 24 hours a day.


The client’s family maintains constant communication with the carer, which gives them access to information on health, progress or new difficulties. What’s more, contact with the guardian allows the family to get to know the carer better which provides reassurance to the family.


Home care is not only about sitting with the person we care for, our home care also offers help with housework such as cooking, ironing, washing, dusting, small shopping.


As professionals, we know very well how important it is to support clients and their families.


Our carers are trained to be flexible and are very knowledgeable about different conditions, this enables them to cater to your requirements with a level of understanding. Prior to delivering care, we conduct an assessment where we find out about daily routines, likes and dislikes, medical history and if there are any aims or outcomes allowing us to deliver a person-centred holistic service.

A Holistic Approach

For the body to work properly, it is essential to have a balanced and nutritious diet. We understand that sometimes it can be hard to know what to eat, this is why we can work alongside a diet plan created by a doctor or dietician ensuring we serve meals that are both tasty and nutritious. Along with sticking to a meal plan, our carers can attend your weekly shop with you to help implement this plan into your everyday diet.

Our staff work alongside a culturally diverse mix of clients and are able to follow religious and cultural requirements. For example, when providing care for our observant Jewish clientele we will teach our care staff about keeping a kosher household, not mixing milk and meat, etc.

What Can Rivendell Help With?

– House Keeping
– Continence Management
-Bathing and Showering
-Hospital Visits
– Social Visits
– Administering Medication
– Companionship
– Light Exercise

Case Study

Client Background:

Jane is in her mid 70s and lives in Golders Green, London. Jane has a history of medical conditions, including osteoarthritis and early-stage dementia, which have made her increasingly dependent on support and assistance. She was widowed 6 months ago. Jane’s daughter got in contact with Rivendell Care to arrange full time care.


Jane’s family had become increasingly concerned about her safety and well-being as her physical health continued to deteriorate at a fast rate and she started to struggle doing tasks she was previously able to do herself. 

Jane’s family reported that she had difficulty with getting around her home and experienced frequent confusion and memory lapses, which posed risks to her living independently as she would miss meals and forget to take her medication. Jane struggled with keeping a clean home and maintaining personal hygiene. Jane lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. 

Solution: Round the clock care

Jane’s family got in contact with Rivendell Care and arranged live in care. The main tasks Jane required support with is personal hygiene, dressing, making breakfast and medication administration. 


Rivendell’s care manager visited Jane to conduct a tailored care plan and found out about her routine, needs and preferences. They discussed her medical history, daily routines, hobbies, and personal goals. Based on this assessment, a personalized care plan was developed to address her specific requirements and she was matched with carers that had experience in caring for people with dementia. A comprehensive risk assessment was carried out which highlighted that Jane can be unsteady on her feet at certain times of the day so this information was added to the risk assessment. Rivendell introduced three potential live in carers. 

Personal Care: Carers used the care plan to advise them of Jane’s preferred morning routine which is to have a coffee, then shower and apply creams. 

Medication Management: Carers used the Pass application to ensure they were administering the correct medications at the right times of the day with or without food.

Companionship: Jane enjoys listening to radio and discussing current affairs she had seen on the morning news. In the afternoon the carer takes Jane for a walk to Golders Hill Park and when the weather permits, they visit the Heath Extension for a picnic. After dinner Jane enjoys doing her adult colouring books, word searches and sudoku. 

Household Tasks: In the morning’s after Jane has had breakfast and is settled, carers help with housekeeping tasks including cleaning, laundry, and hoovering.


Improved Quality of Life: Since employing Rivendell Care, Jane experienced a significant improvement in her overall quality of life. She felt less isolated and enjoyed more time out of the home.

Better Health Management: With the carer’s ensuring medication was managed and regular fresh air visiting the local parks, Jane’s mood has vastly improved.

Maintained Independence: Jane was able to continue living in her own home, preserving her sense of independence and dignity. Before Jane’s Dementia diagnosis Jane made her preferences clear that she would like to remain at home.

Family Peace of Mind: Jane’s family members are reassured, knowing that a carer is always with their mum whilst they are at work and looking after their young family. Jane’s family are able to stay in the loop with their access to daily care notes via the Pass mobile phone application. 


The implementation of home care services through Rivendell Care significantly improved Jane’s life. By addressing her specific needs and providing personalised support, Jane was able to maintain her independence at home, keep personal hygiene, live in a tidy home, and manage her medication safely. 

Enquiry Process

We recognise that every person is different and will require different types of care. After an initial enquiry, the agency will book a care assessment.

A person-centred care assessment will be conducted. We will then write a tailor-made care plan which reflects the needs of the client.

Rivendell will match a suitable carer by taking into account experience, personality and location.