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Our nationwide service is very important to us as we believe you should be able to access help wherever you are. As part of our nationwide service, we operate top-quality home care in Brent Cross. In this area we have trained, accredited and professional Rivendell Care Agency workers who would be assisting you in your everyday activities to ensure you are comfortable and happy in your home.

Everybody is different and will be needing different levels of care. Our staff are dedicated and knowledgeable about different levels of care that may be needed for each individual. No matter how serious or minor your condition or injury is, we will be able to help live comfortably and happily. When preparing a quotation, we take into consideration everything – your concerns, your goals and your everyday activities. We want to be sure that you are making this decision with no worries and concerns because we want to give you the best care possible.

The benefits of Rivendell Care

Care in your own home

Receiving care within your own home avoids the additional stress associated with changing environments. It maintains familiar surroundings and allows you to stay close to family and friends while still receiving the high quality of care required.


A person who needs help feels much better in their own home. Such a person does not have to change their habits, and most importantly, they do not have to leave their loved ones.


You or your loved one feel safe in your own home while receiving professional home care that will ensure safety when other family members are away from home.

Professional help

Professional home care, tailored to the needs and health requirements of the person under care. Our carers are qualified and experienced people in the field of home care, as well as in the field of age-related or other conditions. 

Home care selected individually

Each of us is different, we have our habits, lifestyle, different interests or needs. This is why our home care is individually tailored to you. We take into account the preferences of the person under our care, as well as their health condition, or indications for an appropriate diet or activity recommended by doctors. Depending on the needs, home care can last several hours a week, several days a week or even 24 hours a day.

Constant contact with the care

The client’s family maintains constant communication with the carer, which gives them access to information on health, progress or new difficulties. What’s more, contact with the guardian allows the family to get to know the carer better which provides reassurance to the family.

Help with household activities

Home care is not only about sitting with the person we care for, our home care also offers help with housework such as cooking, ironing, washing, dusting, small shopping. 

Emotional support

As professionals, we know very well how important it is to support clients and their families.

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