Case Studies - Rivendell Care

Mr C

Age: 80’s

Type of care: Domestic support

Reason for care: Mr C’s daughter got in contact from a recommendation. Mr C’s daughter was concerned about her father’s diet as he often eats ready meals as he found it too strenuous to cook a full meal Can not weight bear for too long. Needs to follow a special dietary plan because of a problem with kidneys. Service user’s family also wanted to help tackle isolation with friendly faces popping in daily.

Frequency of care: 1 hour a day

Benefits of care: Carers have helped service user lose weight and improve kidney function by cooking fresh meals according to a special dietary plan which removed the need for kidney dialysis.

Feedback from service user: “I don’t know what I would do without my carers. We all have such good relationships. Rivendell did a great job listening to my needs and matching staff which met those criteria. We have such a laugh each time they visit”

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Mrs S

Age: 90’s

Type of care: Live in care (Personal care and domestic)

Reason for care: Client is bed bound

Frequency of care: 7 days a week, full-time care

Benefits of care: Mrs S is able to maintain a high quality of life. The team deliver 8 hours worth of care looking after Mrs S’s property and ensuring she is eating tasty meals and keeping taking care of personal hygiene.

Feedback from service user: “They are such great people. Their selfless approach makes me feel at ease”

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Ms P

Age: 30’s

Type of care: Daily

Reason for care: Lack of mobility

Frequency of care: 10 hours

Benefits of care: Ms P is using her care hours towards support travelling to and from university course and also for social activities.

Feedback from service user: I feel so happy. The carers help me to live life how I want and my disabilities do not hold me back.

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