Caring for a family member with Dementia | Rivendell Care

Dementia is a loss of some brain functions such as memory, language, thinking and reasoning. It can affect a person’s ability to perform normal tasks and make everyday decisions, including their ability to care for themselves. If you have suddenly been faced with the challenge of caring for a loved one that has Dementia it can be daunting so we have compiled a comprehensive guide to provide practical tips and advice for day-to-day care.

Visit to memory clinic

Power of attorney

Plan in advance – Find out how they would like to be cared for eg at home or in a care home

Activities and daily routine planning – things might change

Calming stuff – share some resources eg painting, crosswords, fidget blanket

Musical therapy

Memory box

Brain stimulation

Educate yourself on what it is like – YouTube resources

Be patient!

Look after yourself – Families of those with dementia can be overwhelmed, and so many go it alone. While caregiving is a difficult job, there are ways to make it lighter. The first step is to take care of yourself for the sake of your own health and well-being. While there’s no cure or treatment available at this time, there are things that can be done to improve quality of life and make the process easier.

Get organised – your family member may experience changes in sleep patterns and appetite as a result of Dementia. Your patient may need assistance with personal hygiene, dressing, grooming and bathing. They might also need help staying on top of their medications and doctor’s appointments. It is always good to make daily note on sleep, wellbeing and appetite – by doing this you can monitor decline or if there are any adverse affects to the medication.

Do things they they have interest in – your loved ones are unique individuals, with unique needs. If you or a family member is living with dementia, you need support that’s tailored to your situation.

Ask for help if necessary – there are great resources available. Whether it be respite services, advice, charities etc

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