Is there really a limit to human lifespan?

For more than thousands of years, all throughout the record history, people have done various researches in order to find ways to live longer. We already made remarkable tries most especially in the past centuries. On the other hand, according to the analysis published on the 5th day of October in Nature, we might now be butting up against the natural limit to human lifespan.

If you are more than fifty, this article has important information for you. Did you know that the major advances right in the medical sciences, genetics, and biotechnology are now increasing the human lifespan at a very fast rate?

This only means that those people with the age of fifty and above, living in the developed countries, and in good health can now definitely look forward to thirty to thirty five years of an active life right after their retirement. What are the things you will do in this third phase of life?

The good thing is that, the revolution right on the internet has provided most especially the older people with lots of options along with increased flexibility to earn additional income and at the same time maintain their own sense of purpose as well as meaning in their lives.

The latest study about the human population established that human disability has turned down among elders over the past ten years. Most of the older people are able to take part in the different instrumental activities of their everyday living.

In order to prolong the human lifespan, people must improve the indicative methods in order to make sure both early and dependable of disease as well as pathology; people must persuade other individuals to make healthy way of life options and expand the effective interference for disability and diseases. It is highly predictable that the efforts to attain these aims are influenced by different technical fields, with computational biology, health imaging, regenerative medicines, nanotechnology, and proteomics.

The main objective of the initiative is to successfully transmit the findings right into other species in accordance to human biology, thus contributing to the identity of the age related transformation in the physiological schemes. Aside from the studies of the probable genetics influences of the human lifespan, the NIA supports and at the same time conducts extensive research on the conditions and illnesses that shorten life or comprise the value of life of older people.

Some effective ways to improve human lifespan

  • Physical activities

Doing exercises on regular basis is an effective way to prevent from becoming overweight. Exercises definitely help people to increase their lifespan and improve their overall health.

  • Good nutrition and proper diet

Cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity can be prevented through eating nutritious and healthy foods and having a balanced diet.

  • Proper sleep

Sleep aids the human body in harmonizing the hormones as well as building repairs.

There are different ways people can try in order to expand their lifespan. It is the choice of people to keep in mind the primary means to develop human life span or longevity. The most effective means are improving lifestyle, living healthful and beautiful life, and having good attitudes and behaviour.