Home care might be the best decision for you!

Why choose home care?

As you or your loved ones get older, naturally there comes a time when you find it difficult to perform everyday tasks such as cleaning and cooking. Age and illness may be our biggest enemy as it limits many aspects of our life. Whilst some may be able to get help from family and friends, it is natural to feel like you are not able to fit this around your schedule and your life and this kind of attitude can stress and irritate your routine and your loved ones. Independence is something that you or your loved one will want to keep no matter how much you struggle but a little extra assistance from the best home care service in the Land doesn’t mean you will need to compromise an independent way of life.

What is home care?

Home care is what it says on the tin, a carer will come and assist your loved one within your loved one’s home. A perfect option when a care home is not necessary. It provides a middle ground and a great solution for those who need an extra pair of hands when it comes to certain tasks, Of course, different levels of care, however, is why here at Rivendell care we make create a care plan based on you or your loved one’s needs and preferences

There are many benefits of home care. if you are a hospitable patient you can come home sooner. Social workers, carers nurses and doctors help you through this and ensure that you are safe to go home and that you are receiving the right care and treatment.

Benefits of home care

Of course, it depends on how bad the disability or illness and the level of care needed however this can be the perfect option

Another benefit is that it is a great opportunity to become closer and more intimate with your loved ones as you will be able to give medicine or help with physical therapy or generally coach them on their recovery

A factor that all of us may take for granted is independence and this becomes a difficult thing as you get older. And the best way for your loved one to keep their independence is by having someone go to THEIR home and give that extra helping hand. And there is nowhere as relaxing as your own home and taking your loved one from the place they feel safe and secure would be unfair to them, studies have also proven that your own home can be an effective emotional healer. With this in mind, there are no restricted visiting hours, you can go on visit whenever you wish

Patients usually have a boosted morale while they are resting in their own home, and research has proven that recovery from home is faster! And for some this may be the most important factor however the cost of home care (depending on the hours) is much more affordable than nursing homes etc.

The whole flexibility of home care is one of the best factors, a care plan is based on your and your loved one’s convenience and you will find that it is the best for you and your loved one. Contact one of our expert teams to see what care options are best for you.